Response to Recent Misrepresentations

It has come to our attention that there is a misleading photo circulating around the internet. Our company takes these matters very seriously and wishes to address them without any further delay.

The photo in question shows two Baby K’tan Baby Carriers on the shelf at an unidentified retailer. One Baby K’tan product features an African American woman holding her baby, and the other Baby K’tan product features a Caucasian couple with their baby. This portrayal has left many of our loyal patrons concerned that this is an unfair representation of African American families. Furthermore, the box bearing the African American woman was inaccurately priced lower than the box with the Caucasian couple. Let’s address these pressing matters head on:

1) We have a total of 5 different products, each featuring a different image on the front of the packaging. One box has the Caucasian couple on the front, and the other four boxes have individual mothers with their babies on the front (including African American and Caucasian women).

2) The Baby K’tan product featuring the African American woman is from our organic line which should actually be priced higher than the other product displayed.

3) The couple considered to be Caucasian is actually in fact an international couple, featuring a Caucasian mom and a Hispanic dad.

Our company was built and has prospered because of our focus on diversity and inclusion. We wholeheartedly reject any false, unfounded and baseless claims of discrimination as depicted in the above misrepresentation. We here at Baby K’tan fully support exposing any unfair and inaccurate stereotypes, racism and/or discrimination wherever it may exist.

We plan to continue including diverse parents, both individually and as couples, throughout our images. In fact, we are proud to have such wholesome and loving caregivers as the faces of our company.

393 thoughts on “Response to Recent Misrepresentations

  1. Your product is the best baby product I ever purchused. I am using the K’Tan since the day we brought our Son home from the hospital! People seriously need to get a life making an issue about the box and the picture of the people! This is just ridicoulus! What should you do? Put a uniform mask on people’s face???

    • No, a mask does not need to be put on ones face. This is poor advertising. For thier diversity of cultural. It speaks for it self. Even with the price. What one cant see others will see.

    • You obviously don’t realize the problem at hand. The issue is that they are not representing that there is a father or husband for the woman of color. Is it deliberate? I think it’s fair to ask where is the black father in this ad? Perhaps you don’t think we exist and don’t want our money?

      • I don’t expect non black people to understand or care, but to black people, this is offensive. ESPECIALLY to a black father like myself that has been a part of my children’s life from the beginning. Non black people feel it is an accurate representtation, that’s why they don’t have a problem with it.

    • I have a 2 degree’s in marketing and this is simply bad advertising. I went to several stores yesterday to view this product and I saw a wide variety of portrayals, yet I did not see one Black Father figure attached to any of their products. It speaks volumes about what this company and Society thinks about the Black Father! It truly saddens me.

      • If you know anything at all about marketing you must surely understand that 1) it is the female who is the decision-maker and buyer of products such as this and 2) women are more attracted to and positively influenced by images of other women–not men! That is why nearly every women’s magazine features a Cover Girl–not a Cover Guy. Same with most of the ads inside regardless of the product.

      • Seriously! ! There are not that many black fathers in the home. Let’s be honest. First, I know it is hard to make a living but most times the father comes and goes when he pleases. Second, there are not many men willing to marry a woman who already has kids or one who has been married before.
        I am married but had a daughter before I started dating my husband. My daughter sees her father at most 2 times a week because times are hard for him. Well hello, it’s like that for many people.
        Now just think I would have been alone, a single mother and I would have picked up this package and thought nothing of it had I never been married. Now because I am, my thought is just to simply make another package that reaches all types of families. Heck, put a grandmother on it!!! They are raising babies with these single mothers now too.
        Oh, I like the carrier.

    • No mask needed, they knew what they were doing when they advertised this. Why not put a dad behind every mother or just have mothers?.

      • Exactly.

        #1. As the main buyer in my home, I wouldn’t get it because of what it suggested. Someone has been excluded that should be included. Even though this company shouts inclusion, your packaging is blatant. The disregard for the sentiment of why people would take it personal is exclusionary as well. I hope many for that reason don’t buy the product whether it works or not. Ex. it’s like boycotting Kraft for putting harmful chemicals in foods that are supposed to be wholesome. This company portrays itself as wholesome, but them leaves out a major cornerstone of a family. Hmm.
        #2. If I wanted organic, I’d buy fabric from my local fabric store and tie it myself like women do in other places. It’d be ore colorful too.
        #3. Just admit to an insensitive, not well thought out, not inclusive, bad ad choice! That’s what it is. Call it that an move on without my dollar. :(

  2. I have had direct contact with representatives and I never felt anything other than appreciation for my positive feedback and excitement that the K’tan was apart of our daughter’s first memories.

  3. The product is fine. However, many African Americans will associate this with slavery in America. They worked in the fields with their babies carried this way.Also, African women carry there babies in this manner. That is way there is an uproar.

    • While your History facts are correct the uproar is because there is no representation of the Black Father, this is not okay by any means.

    • Nope you got it wrong. It has nothing to do with shame. It has everything to do with pride. Yes, families in Africa carried their babies this way. This obviously is a clever and efficient way of carrying a baby. Knowing this, how can the black man be excluded from its promotions when the white man is proudly displayed.?

      Black folks are not simply reacting as a knee jerk response but understand the injustice and are united in taking a stance to right this wrong

    • I’m not sure where you got that info from but you are incorrect. Baby wearing is natural and accepted. The “uproar” has nothing to do with the way we wore our babies during ENSLAVEMENT or in Africa. The PROBLEM is that the advertising reinforces the negative stereotype that black fathers are not involved in parenting. It was an intentional choice. It is in bad taste and serves to alienate forward thinking people like me.

      In love, I ask that you investigate before sharing misinformation.
      I’ll stick with my Moby wrap and my traditional fabric for baby wearing. No thanks, I’m not buying it Baby K’tan.

    • We look a the carrier as a positive that we brought from the homeland that is a positive inspite of American History. My concern is the insensitivity of the picture. Whether you think it is a true representation or not, the most advantageous should be psychologically represented in the imagery. The company response is that the price on the single black mother’s image was suppose to be prices for a larger pull from their household income. So it was suppose to have the “BLACK TAX” already included. I am quite sure some PHD without a clue to reality approved this marketing strategy.

      • I’m only going to comment on the wrap. It is not something that originated in the “mother land”, Africa. How narrow is your vision? Mexicans, Asians, Middle-Eastern woman, to name a few, have been carrying their children in this fashion for centuries as well.

        • Timathea, if civilization started in Africa then most things that are practice were in fact adopted from African practices. Believe it or not non-white people traveled the earth in PEACE for trade and exploration long before europeans came out of their caves. But this discussion is about a poor choice of advertising!! Since black families are not represented accurately then we should stand our money accordingly….not with this product at all!! #boycott

          By the way, the explanation and/ or apology was pitiful and quite demeaning.

    • Are you seriously that delusional and ignorant to think something like that and even worse to share something like that where another human being could see what you wrote. That kind of statement shows why there is definite disconnect in our society. Please pick up a book, magazine, or read some articles on the internet to educate yourself about what black women are thinking and how they are contributing to are society here and now. None of them are holding on to this prehistoric thinking you’re speaking of.
      Ignorance or naivety, either wah no excuse.

    • This is ridiculous! Many people around the world carry their babies like this. To claim that African American women would think this is related to slavery or Africa, and therefore be negative towards it, it absurd. The misconception came from portraying the packages in a way that made it appear that black women are always single, while white women have fathers present.

    • Really? Are people angry because people are offended?? Why? The reactions of the “loyal fan base” of Baby K’tan are not helping your cause one bit. I appreciate the effort whether your response sucked or not Baby K’tan, but the stupidity around the responses are outrageous. I stand firm in what I believe, and NOBODY can discredit that. I’ll fight for my causes till death, because THAT’S how serious it is and that’s how far away you are from understanding what that means or where it stems from

    • Actually, African women carry their babies on their backs instead of the front. Do your research before commenting. And further more, what does this have to do with slavery? You are digging way to deep on this commentating issue. This is simply an advertising flaw of misrepresentation and needs to be addressed accordingly.

      • Really so do China women and other counties not just Africans or African Americans. Jews were slaves too only difference was they were white betrayed by white and it didn’t last over a 200 years like the slavery did for blacks you have to remember its only been 50 years since we have come together (not in full peace) there is still prejudice people around and racists. We can choose to speak up or keep quiet and I choose to speak up. I’m 28 years old and the things I hear is no different than what those went through back 50 years ago it’s just ways around it now.

    • I am a ZImbabwean in Africa and no we do not carry our babies on the front but on our backs. That way we can still do all the chores. That picture is racist. It perpetuates the idea that black men in America are not part of a family nucleus.

    • This is not the reason we have a problem with the advertising of the product and it has nothing to with slavery or how we carry our babies. It has everything to with exactly what was stated. It is poor advertising to include father’s in the pictures for some of the races and not for all. In our ( African-American) community we do have father’s that participate lovingly in the care of their children and they certainly will buy products that our geared toward them as family men. What they should have is a picture of a man ( black, white, red or green) without his wife or women in the picture!!!!!! You want to sell products, then represent the whole gamut of the population. How about that!!!!!!!

  4. Hello, im founder and Executive Director of Healthy life for healthy families,inc. I work with a diversity of cultural we have prenatal classes and universal baby showers. I have had people, texting me about you advertise ment. Of the single black female with no husband, and the beautiful white family. I never used the product, but I can see, were it has gotten out of hand. Black low class and white high class. Even if you did not intend for this to happen, it really speacks for its own advertising. Poor.

    • Even in your description you mention “single black female” and “BEAUTIFUL” white family. That is what the ad projected. Now had there been a picture of a black family it would just raise their sales among black shoppers. I agree there is definitely a problem with inclusion in advertising in America but it started long ago I would not purchase this product and just make my own. That goes with many things.

  5. The quality of your product is not in question, but the representation of the african american young lady being single and not with male/husband compare the fair skinned couple being together. I am unsure if this was intentional or unintentional, but when you look at the packaging side by side, that is was it looks like it’s representing

        • Why so condescending? Because Abbey chooses not to think as you think? She evidently chooses her battles a bit more wisely than the majority of women that posted on this site, including yourself. With that said, Bianca, no one is going to scroll through every post just to see what you wrote. By the by, did ANYONE read the companies response?

        • Bianca, how about YOU learn something. The response from the company clearly states that their various packaging has images of women of ALL races without a man in the picture, not just the black woman. Someone put these two images together to stir s**t up. Get over yourself and your self-righteous crap.

          • yes they are images of women of ALL races without a father but there is NOT EVEN ONE image of a BLACK woman with a father!

          • If you actually refer back to their response and view their gallery of photos, there is no African America (BLACK) man represented in any of the photos. With that being said, how can they truly say they were going to use ALL races and genders in their packaging, advertising, or promotions.

  6. I would like to make a big deal of it! We need more images of African American families! Is that to hard to do? You want blacks to purchase your product, yet you don’t respect black couples enough to put them on your packaging? Company’s spend millions on advertising and the right packaging to target just the people you want! So who in the hell got paid the big bucks for this? Respect black moms, dads and children! We have family units too!

  7. Our society runs on subliminal messages consistently and this one was very degrading to the African American population. We need nothing else negative thrown out at our people. If you don’t see the bad in the message portrayed via the packing that is fine however those who have an issue with it, we have that right. Don’t belittle our feelings on this issue accept it and move on because as long as there are ignorant people out there we will always battle this. No more. It’s time out for making I got of these negative messages sent to our people because we are so much more than that.

  8. It’s not about whether the product is good or bad, the customer service is excellent or poor. It’s about terrible marketing. The picture clearly shows a couple with their baby (whether Hispanic or not is irrelevant), then right next to it is a African American mother alone with her baby. The message was CLEAR.

  9. LOL @ “hispanic” dad. Whether he is latino or not, that dude is represented as a white guy. There was no need to throw that little piece in there because anyone who sees that picture sees a white guy.

    • I agree–to mention that the man is Hispanic only added to the insult, instead admitting how one could be offended and working to change it you make excuses and justifications. K’tan take ownership of your mistake and correct it. Dang how hard is it to admit you’re wrong.

    • Just like George Zimmerman…. he was portrayed as “the white guy” and not of Spanish-American descent! Let’s really make this one BIASED/ politically correct… why didn’t K’tan have pictures of a single (all races) father with a baby????

  10. I’m glad to se you addressing this issue. It’s very easy for those who aren’t the constant victims of negative stereotypes to tell those that are to get a life. Those people I will ignore, and I will support you as you show fairness and a balanced view of all families represented using your products.

  11. Unfair and culturally offensive marketing is not making a big deal out of nothing! There are people in this world that are underrepresented in the HOME and those people are African American fathers. For us to see such blatant product displacement is deplorable and we hope that there will be a day when African American men and African American Fathers are not categorized as non-existent.

  12. Whether intentional or not the company’s response was tepid and evasive and seems to take the stance of “who cares” which will generate publicity but possibly not the kind that they desire. The better response would have been to apologize and make a concession for future advertising that would ameliorate the opinion of that segment of the market while also showing you are empathetic and responsive to all customers.

  13. Not all African American women are single mothers. Most African American males are present in the life of their children. The depiction of the African American female may not have been intentional but it is totally not accurate.

  14. You incorrectly say Hispanics are not Caucasian. Spain & Portugal are European countries. Hispanics may claim to be a mixture of Native American, African & European but they are no different than we here in North America. They discriminate by race very much in their cultures. Today, Guatemala & Honduras are actively killing Native Americans. The Darker Hispanics quite often have less than the lighter Hispanics. Look to Cubans for example. Hispanics may claim to embrace the different races, but in reality they look down on non white European genes just as the ruling classes do in America. That is a White couple not what you claim as a different racial couple. Both people there are European but of different cultures only. Racism is subtle. I’ll bet of the 4 different covers there is only one with an African model. Why!? Your racism is showing very subtly.

  15. There is a long discussion going on about the visual on your product. Though you may feel that you are doing your very best. You may not even realize that it is a sensitive subject and that this visual standing alone makes folks think that you don’t think Black mothers have capable fathers by their side. Visual representation created by a company should stand alone without thinking about what the other product visuals are. Then sit them together and evaluate. Your privilege might not let you even realize your decision making. This happens to all of us know matter what shade on different levels. This comes from a marketing and design specialist of 11 years who needs to be sensitive about marketing since I’ve worked for one of the largest all girl non profits and one of the largest universities in the nation. Appropriate Diversity was drilled into my work process.

    I’d also like to add… and I’m very serious about this. I understand you have an awesome product, but please don’t use the font Papyrus on your packaging ever again. It’s the second worst next to Comic Sans. That was free easy professional advice. Thank you.

  16. Hello,
    I would like to offer a solution to the misrepresentation of your product. Why not show only moms holding the baby in the carrier and one with a dad hold the baby; including all people of color. It doesn’t matter that the product picturing the African-American woman is from your Organic line, it is depicting that African-American (AA) women that purchase your product are single mothers. That is a stero type and can be deemed offensive. There are single moms and dads (of all races) in the world. Your company should have done its research instead of producing packaging that could offend people.

    It’s not about the product, but your insensitive packaging. As a married, AA mom, I wouldn’t buy your product until you changed your packaging. It is 2014 just change the packaging. Word travels fast with the power of social media.
    Thank you,

  17. To the above comments: is s big deal. You do not understand because it is not about your group of people. So stop rationalizing and mind your own business. When there’s an argument about baby swaddling or fabric samples,you’ll be contacted. Sure you are greeted well by their representatives,you are a CUSTOMER!
    Your ad and our arguments is not about inclusion of all races,it’s about the misrepresentation of one. Why not represent a black woman and her as a family unit too (even if you throw in a Chinese father!) Let me make it clear: All African American mothers are NOT single moms.

    I’ll be sending a letter to corporate soon. Because yes,it is a big deal. My African American husband, our child and I are offended.

  18. Your market team should have been smart enough to notice this potential conflict. And even in attempt to display what you call a “international couple” on 1 of your 5 products versus make all of then depict 1 parent. Very poor judgment and poor excuses used in the response.

  19. Yeah I bet that the people saying people are making a big deal out of nothing are not black. Further more your company is not addressing the issue. I honestly do not care about price. That is irrelevant. The question is why not have a african american family together? There is none period. U have yet to explain why there is not. I could care less about why u chose a single black mom for this or that product. U have versions of just a caucasion woman by herself but then also with a family. So why not have one of the black woman with a family as well .Why did u just stop with her by herself ? U made two versions for the caucasion woman. But just one for the african american woman. That is where the problem is. Nobody would complain if u also made one with the african american woman with a family as well. Reguardless if the caucasion woman is with a hispanic man or asian man or even a black man it makes no difference. She has a man and its a family . A child with both parents. U chose to not have both parents for african american baby. How come? U did not address that at all. As far as prices go that is not something Im concerned with. U can charge what u want to charge and even put whoever u want to put on the cover but its a question of ” Why did u choose to have the african american woman without a husband”. U failed to talk about that.

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  22. Suggestion: Include packaging of an African American or minority couple. Having your only “couple’s packaging” featuring a White couple kind of reinforces the subtle/blatant stereotype and bias that consumers and the general public are irritated by.

  23. The picture is very misleading… However, the issue has never been about the quality of your product but the perceived misrepresentation of Black families on your packaging. It is unfortunate that a person would create such an image depicting a discriminatory message perpetuating the stereotype of the absentee father that permeates the Black and “urban” communities alike. The image would lead any rational person to conclude that the company engages in some form of discrimination or racially-charged business practices. In this day and age, it wouldn’t be the first.

  24. Dear Baby K’Tan,
    Does the diversity that you reference in your response include African American fathers? Whether coupled, or alone, I don’t see a single one anywhere on your website. On the other hand, Caucasian fathers are depicted repeatedly in a number of contexts…

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  27. Best product EVER!!! Used with both daughters until breaking point! Great for bonding, hands free care, everyone benefits!! Who ever uses or keeps the package??? Who even has time to waste on analyzing the packet???

    • Who is this offensive to? Oh I don’t know, the people they market to or don’t for that matter. My husband for example or any other father of color who cares for their children (which statistic show that men of color are more involved in their childrens lives whether in or out of the home then their non minority counterparts) as a head of or representative of the Cultural Family! Ultimately that is who buys the product. So as a married black woman obviously this is not of my social circle seeing as they only market to single black mothers who probably need both hands free to care for the other fatherless kids they have running around. Just a little food for thought. Im sure when they were sitting around the conference table with at least one senior and junior ad exec (whom were paid nicely) devising this marketing strategy, the Black family was not a market that they perceived a viable customer. Clearly as no minority couple is being represented.

  28. This is an extremely weak and honestly foolish response. The ad is clearly racist and the best you could have done was an apology and a promise to do better. You did neither. I will continue to spread the boycott of your products. African Americans and other minorities deserve much better than this type of highly insensitive marketing. Really disappointing and reprehensible, Baby Ktan.

  29. The two above comments clearly are respresented by groups who are not traditional targeted by social stereotypes. You two above don’t understand the problem because you’ve never lived it. I don’t think it was done purposely but it needs to be said that simple consultation with a marketing group could have avoided this issue. It’s a lesson learned but it does send a poor message. Trust me when I say hiring a a few black Americans on your marketing team would have probably avoid this crisis. And please “other groups” leave stop crying race card statement to yourself. Maybe if you’re ancestors weren’t such savage and assisted in the social collapse of a people then this wouldn’t be problem. Apologize and change your attitudes.

  30. I think it’s kind of messed up how you all have the 2 different packages of the same product with a WHITE “FAMILY” on the package and a :SINGLE “BLACK” MOM on another package. Whomever came up with this idea has to be the most disrespectful person in the world, this seems so racist, why would you even do that, you act like black people don’t have families and raise their children together, you should be very ashamed of yourself. I hope they pull your product from the shelf.

  31. If there are five product boxes, with five or so images per box (25 or so possible images?) are any of them of a black couple?

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  33. People are saying that folks are making a big something out of nothing but the fact that you don’t think this is racial profiling, shows your insensitivity and awareness of diversity. I would be curious to know what the ethnicity is of your marketing people.

  34. That is very disrespectful and degrading. No matter how you put it it is not right. Why not put the Caucasian woman up if you have other single women on your boxes. You never mentioned that you had an African American couple because you probably don’t. I don’t care what you say it is degrading. And then the one is cheaper than the other suggesting that Black folk can afford them or single mothers. Shaking my head. I will not ever purchase any of your products.

  35. The AA organic one is higher because? And are they an international couple or interracial? I smell BS, but carry on as if it’s nothing like America does with things dealing with race…..

  36. A BIG deal about NOTHING … you can’t SPEAK what you have not lived!!! Being a person of color I HAVE lived the stereotypes!!

    We need positive images in the media!!!

  37. I’ve look at every single advertisement and I don’t see one African American man. Not one with a baby and not one with the African American woman. I can’t speak on your product because with that type of advertising I would never purchase it. Please fix it do that it represents ALL families!

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  40. Packaging and ads are designed to reach specific demographics, period. Photos reflect the target markets you’ve identified in your marketing strategy. Ultimately, marketing designs also dictate messaging. When visiting the website for this product, I saw no APPARENT representation of a father of color in your photos or packaging. There weren’t even any in your gallery. Never mind the photos that are circulating the internet, and the interpretations thereof. YOUR WEBSITE AND YOUR PACKAGING is not all inclusive. You have a marketing staff that dropped the ball on this one. At the very least, they were careless, and dictated a marketing message that could, with good reason, be interpreted as bias or subjective.

  41. “3) The couple considered to be Caucasian is actually in fact an international couple, featuring a Caucasian mom and a Hispanic dad.”…
    So how can you look at someone and determine which nation they are from? So which one in the picture is not from this nation (USA). Just curious as to how one is suppose to know if one is “international”. Maybe you meant interracial? Hmmmm…

  42. This is dismissive and misses the whole point. I’m not even going to dignify this with a response. You might as well have ignored the issue rather than issue this pathetic excuse for a “response”. And to the commentors who don’t get, we don’t need you to. We understand that privilege is real and can create some rose colored blinders that prevents you from seeing anything outside of what you have experienced. No one is questioning the quality of the product we are offended by a very specific misrepresentation. Your lack of acknowledgment of it does not mean it doesn’t exist nor does it do anything for those impacted by this occurence.

  43. The issue is that Ktan don’t have a male along with the African American lady to represent family, it emplies that she’s a single parent, and she don’t look as happy as the other couple.

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  46. This situation has nothing to do with the quality of Baby Ktan products. Single parents should be represented and not stigmatized; although not the ideal situation, there is no shame in being a single parent of any race. However, the absents of the black family unit being represented in advertising is stereotypical and psychologically damaging to people of all races. It subtely and subconsciously reinforces negative views of black fathers and families.

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  48. It is not a question of whether or not you care about diversity. Of course you want all races to like your product. Money is money regardless of where it came from. However, the marketing dropped the ball on this one. The single black mother is a eager harsh stereotype that you are strongly reinforcing with that pic. Why couldn’t there be a father in that picture? Furthermore, the people who think these concerns are ridiculous probably don’t have to deal with certain negative stereotypes shaping their world from day to day.

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  50. Baby K’Tan, thanks for clearing this up! Contrary to the opinion of some, this IS a big deal. Sometimes people (including two of the others who commented) need to stop and try to see things through a perspective different than their own. Maybe then they won’t be so callous and dismissive with their remarks. It’s good to see your company cared enough about this issue to respond so quickly.

  51. This could be just a misunderstanding I’ll give you that. .but when its SOMETHING NEGATIVE about Black People it’s always a misunderstanding. …WE. read between the lines. .get it together Marketing kinda shady ijs

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  53. Perhaps I am a little slow but please indicate to me how is it that the organic product considered one to be priced higher was in fact priced lower? And why is it that only one couple is shown on the packaging? The ‘mistaking’ of the ‘international couple’ is totally possible in my view given the often racially sensitive context of American society will interrupt how we see.

    For those believing that as simple a matter as a universal ‘mask’ might eliminate the problem are in effect thumbing their nose at the real issue. There is a very real need for sensitivity and market research in terms of determining how these products are positioned and how they are likely to be received by different audiences.

    I will admit that my instant reaction was to wonder why one woman had a husband and the other did not. What I am keen to know however is how does the response above address the concerns noted by customers and users of the brand? I am not sure I follow entirely.

  54. To show parents on all boxes number one promotes family and two if it was priced lower has no bearing effect other than to sell more faster. Great but overall it would be even better to have a dad with the baby on the packaging as well maybe that would help diversity more and still put moms with the fathers as representation! I can buy that! A Great Product is a great product but your diverse marketing did show a stRk contrast in image. No way around it!

  55. Your response to the blatant stigmatism is weak, at best, and an attempt to smokescreen your racial profiling. Marketing is perception and the African American race PERCEIVES this as racist.

  56. First, The discrepancy isn’t with whether or not your product is sufficient.
    Secondly, your offensive, stereotypical perception Would still exist If the dad on the package with the caucAsian woman and child was of African American decent. Your advertising department clearly Understand What They were trying to SELL! AND….it was NOT your darn baby holster!!
    Why not advertise FAMILY on ALL of your products that suggest two -parent households regardless of race? Because PERCEPTION is a two-edge sword. It can be a positive or negative selling tool.

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  58. The POINT is that you DO NOT have a package that potrays an AFRICAN AMERICAN female who is coupled with father figure/husband , period. I hope NO African American person will ever purchase your product!

  59. Seems like you should start making boxes with a variety of couples. Many people are tired of seeing the single black mother represented. We want to see black couples they do exist you know.

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  62. Your product looks wonderful and glad you make an organic version. People are not making a big deal out of nothing. If the company is focused on diversity they understand that this is a huge issue and I applaud you for addressing it. It’s hurtful at first glance as a black person to see the pictures side by side. A woman posted your apology to a site where people felt very hurt by the picture and it made folks view your company differently. Please don’t listen to people who say other people are making a big deal out of nothing. They may not have had the lifetime experiences that would help them understand why this would shun a whole community.

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  65. I don’t think there is one comment about the product being good or bad its all about the marketing. The real question now is “what are you going to do about it?” You have more negative comments than positive so your actions will tell the true story about your intentions.

  66. And your dismissive response further strengthens my resolve to spread this further and any and every social medium possible. You might need to consider better marketing and PR personnel.

  67. People have the right to buy the product or not. Yet, there is a point that must be made. Many people around the world see a distorted image of black Americans from the media, products, and other forms of the media. Many people internationally falsely view black Americans collectively as arrogant people, musicians, or worse, because of the false imagery shown by Western society. Images on a product are more than just an image. Images can show how a corporation thinks of us and how we are viewed by others. So, people have the right to disagree with the image.

    Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a package showing an image of a black woman with a black man loving their child either. We as a community should not only promote our socio-political interests. We have the right to defend our image and our dignity too. There are much more important issues than this issue though like crime, education, health care, police brutality, economics, etc. Yet, people have the right to discuss about this issue (and defend their human dignity).

  68. c..t..f.. u… and oh MY!..

    international couple???…. that’s the first i ever hear or read that term and I’m Cuban……..but just because i never hear of the term before doesn’t mean it isn’t used somewhere and by somebody….

    but i am curious….did you people mean ” interracial” if so… That would be WRONG too… because Hispanic is NOT a race…..

    race will always be an issue for this first world.. super power global leader country…

    racism.. is how MANY obtained their wealth…. and still today MANY continue to make money off of RACE …. it’s the american way….. be blessed…

  69. Thank you for replying to the public outcry concerning how you choose to market what seems to be a great product.

    I am a black man. Father of 4. I was raised in one of New York’s ghettos. I now live in affluent North Texas, work with Sr. Leadership for a fortune 500 company and am also a published author. My wife and I are expecting another child. I saw your package and was offended.

    I don’t know your company but as a nursing mother my wife might find your product useful. I would have to patronize another provider because while it may not be your intention to convey an oppressive image, your marketing does just that.

  70. Why is the man on the box anyway? It’s not like he is using the carrier. So why not have a random man standing with all the women on all the boxes…you want to know why?! Because to society black men don’t stick around to care for their families….but white or in this case hispanic men do. Then to make it cheaper is like saying buy this one because you are a struggling single mother. HORRIBLE MARKETING!!

    I for one would never use any of your products because of how the black family was depicted on the box but luckily for this company the backlash surrounding this won’t last long and people will be discussing something else in a few days. So business will return to normal shortly.

  71. The only thing I ask of Caucasians is that you understand you don’t wake up in my world or in my shoes. As a #BlackFather this offends me. I understand white privilege and black punishment all to well. So when a race of people finds something wrong simply respect it apologize and try to prevent it from happening again. #SimpleConcepts

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  75. This supposition of an explanation (because it’s definitely not an apology) Is BS!!! You’ve hired million-dollar marketers and a marketing team ~HOW could you say this is un~intentional, or misleading! ~ YOU are full of S#%t. After your first chance & attempt to make things RIGHT in an apology, & you definitely still didn’t get it right… I as an African-American woman do not want to listen to another attempt at a BS apology~ Because it’s clear that you don’t mean it, you’d only be doing it AT THIS POINT To keep business in tact… YOU GUYS ARE CAUGHT, CALLED OUT, AND THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO BE ARROGANT IN YOUR RESPONSE…Piss on your arrogant NON-EMPATHETIC response … Because apparently your company could care less. NOW THAT’S THE TRUTH & THAT’S WHAT GOD LOVES..

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  78. First of all, this isn’t an ad. This is a picture of two products. As a baby wearing Black mommy I think that people who look for problems will always find them. So what she’s alone. The majority of the women pictured on baby products are alone. I really wish that people could just be pleasant to one another.

  79. Was that an a apology or are you defending you use of the images? If you are going to have separt packages with a different image, you would have an international ‘African American couple’, Mexican and so on. If you are going to apologize make it plain or else don’t bother. I am a African American and believe we will forgive alot of things if people or companies would just ask.

  80. If you read their explanation, it all seems legit. I am so tired of this world being so damn sensitive. Wake up and see the more important things in life. Friends, family, laughter etc. Not to mention, stereotypes exist for a reason. There are more single black American mothers (68%) than white (26%). If you don’t like it change it. Stop focusing on “The Man” trying to get you down. It’s sickens me to read all of this. It’s no longer America if we live divided. Live your life and stop reading into such trivial nonsense.

  81. Don’t worry…this is viral and African Americans will no longer buy this product or support this company or any other company affiliated. I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable wearing the new KKK wrap. An apology no longer required. Go out of business asap.

  82. You addressing the issue about the couple who is supposed to be “interracial” because one is Hispanic and one is Caucasian isn’t the issue. To society they will be viewed as a Caucasian couple. Everyone is upset at the bad and ignorant misrepresentation of your package for the African American woman. I am an African American/Hispanic woman who is married to a African American man. Not all African American women are single mothers. You want African American people to buy your product, change your picture. The marketing team should be ashamed for even putting this out and not think people will be offended by this picture. The issue still remains you did not respond or acknowledge that fact. Horrible misrepresentation of African Americans and very much ignorant. You put out a product make sure you represent all fairly.

  83. No matter what you do, blacks will always whine. It’s their schtick. They lie in wait to be offended. They wake up every morning, combing the net for things to be offended by so they can solidify their status as Premier Victim. Just ignore them. They only make up 11% of the population and a poor 11% at that. When’s the last time you heard Latinos or Asians whining about racism? Exactly.

    • dude shut up because your way off no one is looking for a pitty party i agree that that wasnt the companies intentions but please stop acting like Blacks aren’t still prejudged. I’ve been told I talk white whatever the hell that means. I have been around all races and some still have problems with African Americans so please stop acting like them passing a law did away with racism.

    • Obviously you are not black and a racist at that. until you walk a mile in our shoes you keep your sorry comment to yourself. Its racist mentalities like yours that keeps racism alive and well.
      Get a life, Racist!

  84. this was one sorry ass response. And the dad is Hispanic? Really? You know there are WHITE Hispanics. And obviously that is what the father on the package is which totally dismantles your whole racial diversity schtick. Stop portraying our African American families as fatherless children and partner-less women. You chose to market to our demographic then show an accurate portrayal of our people. I hope people stop buying solely because of your insensitivity. And don’t tell me it wasn’t on purpose. Marketing is a big deal. Believe me when the final decision was made to not feature any African American men, it was done consciously with MUCH thought behind it. The people at baby ktan are willfully missing the point by diverting the outcry to an attack on the popularity and usefulness of the product. It’s just sad and disgusting.

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  86. I THINK PEOPLE JUST LIKE TO TALK. It has nothing to do with black white or yellow. They clearly have the same ad with the same women alone on and other wrapper. Like Im not understanding the big deal no one is saying black women are all single mothers but the reality is most are suck it up. Build a bridge and get over it. I dont believe that was the intention of the company to make it seem like Black women dont have fathers or that whites are better i think thats people projecting their own views without even knowing it. And for the record I am an African American woman no offense taken.

  87. The misrepresentation of “the black” family is a problem. As a mother who is married to the father of her children (who came four years after being married), I find this very offensive. I do believe that the product with the single black mother should be removed from the shelves immediately, or do some quick work and provide packaging that reflects an African American family with a father as well.

    I too visited your website and I didn’t see any representations of the black male, not one. In fact you had ONE black female, multiple white women, and multiple white men. So your response about having covered many races is in fact not true, and this is on your own website, as of today 6/24/2014. This PROBLEM needs to be addressed immediately.

    For those who say “who keeps the packaging?…” It’s the packaging that encourages me to or not to invest in a product. Maybe you’re accustomed to being represented in the media and on products but it’s something we as Black people look for, someone who looks like us. I love huggies diapers and I especially seem to gravitate to the box with the little black boy on it. My son and daughter will see representations of themselves/their lives on prouducts that we spend our hard earned money for.

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  90. to those who simply accept the response of the company try a google image search you will find not one occurrence of a black or even brown man anyplace. i as a publicist and imagine the issues presented to the company as they probably intended no harm its just reality of how black and brown men are represented in our nation. tens of millions of great black and brown men taking amazing care of children sometime on their own gets no press. I would advise Baby K Tan just accept the error in judgment or just a minor fail it would do wonders for the discussion and make a step beyond all this devise language and taking sides.

  91. The issue here is not a matter of intent but one perception. Women of color are often depicted or perceived to be single or alone in all that we do; including parenting. If you aren’t a black woman it’s easy for yo u to ask, “what’s the big deal?”. We have been fighting ALL of our lives to be seen or perceived in the same likeness of our white sisters. It’s hard enough trying explain to “our” daughters why the black baby doll doesn’t appear to have a mate but, the white one does. We are often viewed in a negative light. It would be helpful if these companies were more mindful of that fact. The ad is insensitive to our (black women).

  92. Why is it that you display your baby carrier with a white couple together with their child, and the black woman single with her child? As a company you should advertise the truth, and with that box cover your company appears to make it as though all black women are raising their children alone!!! I am appalled at your sense of advertising, and I hope sometime in the very near future your company decides to display all things right!! If you need some examples of the black family together please look up Barack and Michelle Obama just to name one black family…. If you are not familiar with this particular family this is the first family of the United States Of America:-)

    Kindly a concerned Mother,

    Kenya Moore:-)

  93. Are you serious?? Premier Victim??? I’m praying for you!!! It’s that type of thinking and those types of comments that continuously cause black people to cry out or “whine” as you say. But, I thank God for you. It’s your ignorance that keeps me on my knees, crying out to God. Be blessed.

  94. I suspect the comments here are from khan employees. Either way I t shows how insensitive people can be. The media represents Blacks in a very negative way and you almost never see positive aspects if the Black community. These adds represent subliminal messages that are constantly being fed to the masses. In this case showing that only the Caucasian woman is most likely to have a husband in the picture.

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  97. First off, I missed the apology and was instead provided an EXCUSE! If you want to address the subliminal racism, that turned out to be blatant, then change your packaging. And don’t try to EXCUSE it as marketing, because if so, that is a very poor marketing technique. As a black MARRIAGE woman (another blow to your stereotypes) I would be more likely to buy this if they we’re equally portrayed. You are attempting to use a facade of “diversity” in the name of racism. The couple are even smiling more than the single woman. If you are aiming for diversity, then it should not be a problem to display all the races/ethnicities as a couple. Black men who take care of their families are not as uncommon as you think. That’s why everyone wants one. And do you really think anyone took their first look at the Caucasian couple and thought, “Well, he’s Hispanic”? No. That’s why you had to tell us. And when marketing a product such as this, you know that image is everything, so don’t try to downplay it. If you pride yourself on diversity, fix it. Don’t EXCUSE it! Until I see a change from you, you will not see another dollar from me.

  98. At the very least, this was poor judgment in the marketing department, and lack of oversight from the top, down. In addition, the company response is a public relations nightmare. If a person is offended — and this has gone viral! — then the company need not to defend its own diversity policy. Instead, someone representing the company needs to apologize, change a policy, and make amends to those who are offended. It is a gross case of white privilege to not see why there is a problem with both the photo and the company’s response. I was considering buying a Baby K’Tan for baby #2, but will have to reconsider because of this issue. It is not the company’s place to deny culpability, especially where race is concerned. The company needs to fully acknowledge the mistake before it can put this issue to rest.

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  100. Baby looks light skinned ever think that maybe the dad is white and they were trying to avoid a whole different issue? or better yet it is a just a picture and you are too closed minded to see that….What next why does the black lady have a white carrier and white lady a black one??? If the person taking the picture was a true shopper maybe they would notice the price mix up and that the organic carrier is cheaper and grabbed it right quick…. See you on the next post when you debate why there is a black lady on syrup and bald white dude on cleaning bottle……

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  102. It’s funny how your company seems to ignore the actual issue at hand. There is a racial stereo type being shown here and you try to say that the one with the african american woman is priced more, so therefore there isn’t a problem!
    Your company is completely out of touch with reality! I will be sharing this with everyone I can in my network of 487,000 business contacts.
    I can’t believe you don’t see a problem with this!
    You need to fire everyoone who ok’ed this packaging.
    But you’re so out of touch with reality and in denial of your problem… what good is that?
    Your packaging is racially stereotyping the african american woman, and yet you don’t even see it. Just because you don’t know you committed a crime doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty of a crime, it just means your ignorant of the crime you committed.
    Stop your ignorance, acknowledge the problem, solve the problem and do better. Don’t justify the wrong you committed.

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  105. Thank you for replying, but you do not address the problem of the Black mother being presented without a father. Personally, either portray all with fathers or none with fathers. Also, you do know that placing a Black face on anything related to cotton is also a faux pas, right?

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  107. Theres nothing to it, just Correct it! Its sickening and disturbing. You guys don’t sound apologetic you sounds as you have a o well feeling

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  109. God, people will turn ANYTHING into a racist act. Ther are thousands of stereotypes and if one should want, you can find almost anything and make it sound racist. It is just a freaking picture. If it would have been a hispanic woman, I doubt anybody would have said anything or complained, and there are plenty of sterotypes there. As a latina, I wouldn’t have thought anything out of it, less a discrimination against me due to my race. It is just a picture of a happy mother with her baby. Get over yourselves.

    • where’s the father. that’s the point. the ad reflects a perpetuated evil in american society. you’re not a black man; of course you dont get it.

  110. Someone may have pointed out your FAIL but I did not see it so here you go: Hispanic is not a race, it is an ethnic group. You can be Hispanic and white at the same time. But it is nice that you tried to do what ever you tried to do.

    • Go ahead, keep whining over a picture. I am not white, and I face a lot of sterotypes, but I do not make a huge deal out af a ridiculous situation. Everybody sees what they want to see. I see a loving woman caring for her baby. You decide to see the worst. That is your choice. Good luck and keep whinning, I’m sure that “positive” attitude will only help ypu strengthen some other sterotypes.

  111. It is the best time to make some plans for the longer term and it’s time to be happy.

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  112. i’m sure the product is great. not the point. the point is it has become commonplace in america for fathers, especially black fathers, to be excluded from their families and their children. this is not new. 87% of all black children in DC live in single-parent homes. it is tragic, and your ad brought back out. thank you for this Freudian slip because the war against black fathers, the black family unit needs a platform and must stop.
    I challenge you to do something to diminish the obscene situation in the black community that made this ad plausible in the first place. do whatever it takes (within reason) to keep these black fathers and their families together.

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  114. GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE – this is a photo not an essay on race. No photo will have every single person shown – IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE. There are hundreds of baby products that just feature moms – moms of all colors. There are products that just feature dads. They would need 100 photos if you are going to put in every combo – 2 moms, 2 dads, mom & dad, mixed race, same race, children with special needs, children without special needs. They are going to need a 5 story box to include all these photos. Stop trying to make an issue where there is none

  115. I think your response was in poor taste and completely belittled the concern expressed. “Where are the fathers of color?” “Where are the family units that can be mistaken for black?” This is very important because advertisement shows family units for all other ethic groups and most often leave out the black family unit. You have done the same and saying that “you have black friend” doesn’t address this at all.

    The fact that this concern is being taken as no big deal, making something big over something little, etc speaks to the issue.

    This is the first I have heard of your product and I will always remember this and will never purchase it for myself or as a gift. I hope this is what you expected with your misconception and your response.

  116. 2 things…Hispanic is NOT a race…so both parents were white by race. EVEN WHEN YOU COME COMMENT, that’s a whole men solo with his baby. Had you been going for true diversity, that man wouldn’t have been white.

    I don’t think you’re racist bit I do think that you’re like most liberal whites….unaware of the subliminal messages that you send and then when folks call it out….you get defensive and write a rant on how you’re NOT a racist. I expect that though. It’s no different than Ani DiFranco, Sarah Palin, etc…

    We get it…you’re not racist. You’re just an idiot.

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  120. First of all your company is still skating around the issue at hand. You think just because you say that the product with the African American woman is “supposed” to be priced higher that makes it okay?? Another thing is your company mentioned that the product with the Caucasian woman with her spouse is international. “AND SO WHAT”!!!!! It doesn’t matter what race he is your company still see African American women as not being able to have our children’s father’s in our lives.Ridicolous

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  123. The next time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this 1. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I truly thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is actually a bunch of whining about something that you simply could fix if you werent too busy seeking for attention.
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