Our Natural Journey, Review

4.5 stars out of 5 for the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier on the blog Our Natural Journey! Eryn found the K’tan easy to use and put on, comfortable in the various wearing positions and great for nursing while on-the-go!
“Since it’s sized, it doesn’t have any straps or buckles that you have to deal with to adjust it. And unlike a wrap, it doesn’t have several yards of fabric that you have to contend with either. That means getting your baby in and out of the carrier never requires part of the carrier to drop to the floor, which is a critical feature if you ever need to, say, change a diaper when you’re in public somewhere and you don’t want the carrier to touch the floor of a public restroom.

Another benefit: Once it’s on, it’s comfortable to keep it on, so you can easy slip baby in and out of it. Since it isn’t bulky at all, this meant I could easily keep it on while doing housework or during diaper changes without it getting in the way.”

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