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Amazing! The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier made the Babble Blogger Favorites: Best Baby Carriers of 2013!

The Baby K’tan was tested by Babble’s very own blogger and reviewer, who also polled moms, scanned through social media channels and posts and put together her very own list of favorite carriers, wraps and slings.

See the complete list and review here.

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A Little Bit of All of It

Excellent review of the Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier! The Baby K’tan Breeze is half mesh half cotton and is designed to be a lighter and cooler carrier; great for the summer months or warmer climates! It can be worn in all the same great wearing positions as the original cotton Baby K’tan Baby Carrier without the hassle of wrapping or tying – it is the baby wrap without all the wrapping!

Julia and baby Jude put this carrier to the test and gave it a thumbs up! The Breeze is comfortable and easy to use like the original cotton Baby K’tan Carrier, yet lighter and more breathable.

Stroller Traffic, New Baby Checklist 2013

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier made the Stroller Traffic New Baby Checklist for Must Have Carriers! See it here.

Stroller Traffic has put together a great checklist of must-have baby items filled with the best baby toys, feeding, bathing, traveling, gear and so much more! We are so thrilled to be included on the list as a recommend baby carriers under Baby Gear and Equipment!

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Reader’s Choice Awards Winner!

Wow!! Thanks to all of our amazing fans and customers for voting for Baby K’tan and helping us get selected as a winner in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards!

We are so thrilled to have won and are honored to be grouped with these other amazing brands!

The Readers' Choice Awards are completely driven by nominations and votes submitted by customers like you. We, as the manufacturer, can't pay for placement in the competition. That means that this award is so much more valuable and we are in the winners' circle because our fans believe in us!

Our Natural Journey, Review

4.5 stars out of 5 for the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier on the blog Our Natural Journey! Eryn found the K’tan easy to use and put on, comfortable in the various wearing positions and great for nursing while on-the-go!
“Since it’s sized, it doesn’t have any straps or buckles that you have to deal with to adjust it. And unlike a wrap, it doesn’t have several yards of fabric that you have to contend with either. That means getting your baby in and out of the carrier never requires part of the carrier to drop to the floor, which is a critical feature if you ever need to, say, change a diaper when you’re in public somewhere and you don’t want the carrier to touch the floor of a public restroom.

Another benefit: Once it’s on, it’s comfortable to keep it on, so you can easy slip baby in and out of it. Since it isn’t bulky at all, this meant I could easily keep it on while doing housework or during diaper changes without it getting in the way.”