The Meaning Behind Our Name

Did you ever wonder where the name “Baby K’tan” came from? “Baby” is obvious, but “K’tan,” what does that mean? Michal-Chesal-e1360612063254-150x150

We get asked all the time. People wonder whether it means wrap, sling or if it is a name or a combination of names. Well, the answer can be found here, in the CEO Blognation article, How Did You Come Up With Your Business Name?.

The word “K’tan” is actually the Hebrew word for “little.” So really, “Baby K’tan” is a simple play on words; it means “little baby”!

Here’s some text from the article:
“[We] have strong ties to Israel and we thought it would be nice to incorporate a Hebrew word into the company name. The Hebrew word “Ktan” means “little,” so Baby K’tan literally means “Little Baby.” We get asked about the name quite a bit. They questions we get are usually split into two groups, those who have no idea how to say K’tan and those who are familiar with Hebrew and want to quiz us!”

We hope you enjoyed that little bit of trivia :)

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