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About.com chose our Organic Baby K’tan Baby Carrier as one of their 4 favorite Organic carriers!

The Organic Baby K’tan is made of 100% certified GOTS cotton and is a natural un-dyed cotton. The Organic carrier can be worn in all the same ways as our original cotton carrier and helps keep your little one close to your heart. It is available for sale in stores and online at www.babyktan.com

Here’s what they say:
“Made of 100% organic cotton, the Baby K’tan is a mix between a sling, wrap and structured carrier. The innovative double loop design means you can take it on and off without any wrapping, buckling or straps.

It can hold infants and toddlers in 6 positions from 8-35 lbs. and features two shoulder straps and an adjustable back support band to take pressure off your back and distribute baby’s weight. The wide fabric also allows you to carry your baby in an ergonomic position.

The carrier comes in 5 different sizes and can be machine washed and dried. It only comes in a natural color, but it can be personalized with embroidery at an additional fee.”

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2013 Leading Moms in Business

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2013 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition!

We are so excited to be nominated and have Michal Chesal, President of Baby K’tan, leading the way. Michal developed the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier when her first child, Coby, was born with Down syndrome. Wanting to keep him close as much as possible while holding him in a developmentally appropriate posture, she experimented with the different slings and carriers on the market and incorporated the various aspects of each, bringing the Baby K’tan to life!

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Just Short of Crazy, review

Love this review by the blog, Just Short of Crazy. I mean, just look at how cozy she makes the Basic Black cotton K’tan look!!

Here is a great excerpt right out of her post:

“One thing that I really like about the carrier is that it is made of soft cotton knit fabric. It’s a really nice and comfortable fabric to be wearing. It has just the perfect amount of stretch to it. The even weight distribution over both shoulders has made wearing comfortable as well.”

Woman of Many Roles, Review

Sharing a lovely review from the blog “Woman of Many Roles.”

We loved reading this positive review about the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and how easy to use she found it! The type of baby carrier you can put on without needing any help :) – no wrapping, tying or buckling. Easy to use and super compact. “I loved this wrap because it folds up into a pouch so it’s easy to store. I leave it in my glove box.”

Read the full review here.

The Meaning Behind Our Name

Did you ever wonder where the name “Baby K’tan” came from? “Baby” is obvious, but “K’tan,” what does that mean? Michal-Chesal-e1360612063254-150x150

We get asked all the time. People wonder whether it means wrap, sling or if it is a name or a combination of names. Well, the answer can be found here, in the CEO Blognation article, How Did You Come Up With Your Business Name?.

The word “K’tan” is actually the Hebrew word for “little.” So really, “Baby K’tan” is a simple play on words; it means “little baby”!

Here’s some text from the article:
“[We] have strong ties to Israel and we thought it would be nice to incorporate a Hebrew word into the company name. The Hebrew word “Ktan” means “little,” so Baby K’tan literally means “Little Baby.” We get asked about the name quite a bit. They questions we get are usually split into two groups, those who have no idea how to say K’tan and those who are familiar with Hebrew and want to quiz us!”

We hope you enjoyed that little bit of trivia :)

Baby K’tan Nominated for About.com 2013 Best Carrier!

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Thanks to everyone who voted for Baby K’tan during the nomination stage and helping us make it this far in the competition. We are thrilled to now be an official nominee!

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Baby Gear Lab Review

Check out this great review from BabyGearLab.com! 5 out of 5 stars is pretty good in our book :)

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Baby K’tan landed on top when it came to “wrap” style carriers for newborns and younger babies under 1 year old. It comes with the claim “A wrap without all the wrapping” and we found this to be pleasantly true. After struggling with fabric a mile long and complicated how-to videos with the Moby Wrap, the simplicity of the K’tan brought a welcome sigh of relief.”

Read the complete review at http://www.babygearlab.com/Baby-Carrier-Reviews/Baby-Ktan