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ktan lineupWe are so unbelievably proud to share the correspondence we received below along with the incredible pictures they chose to share with us. The story brought tears to our eyes, and we are so grateful that we were able to help, even in a small way. These are really the stories that matter!

Baby K’tan outfitted Cindy Baker-fox (RN, BSN, IBCLC) with Baby K’tan Baby Carriers to bring with her on her medical mission to orphanages in China. We were thrilled and honored to be able to partner with Cindy.

Here is what Cindy had to say about her trip:

“I’m so sorry that it has taken me such a long time to get back to you about the carriers you donated for my China medical mission trip in August. The 4 carriers that you sent me where donated to our first orphanage. The orphanage had 13 infants and several more toddlers. The infant room was staffed with only 2 caregivers, which required each nanny, as they are referred to, with the care and responsibility of 6-7 infants each shift. Most of the baby’s were left lying in their beds with propped bottles, due to the lack of personnel to care for them. Our focus during this trip was to provide medical exams on each baby, and screen them for medical issues that needed specialty care. We saw approximately 50 children ranging in age from 15 days old to 11 years. Each child received a brief exam while others required more in-depth care. As the only Pediatric RN on our team of 4, it was my responsibly to assess their growth and nutrition. Malnutrition was the primary medical problem that we noted and addressed. The degree of malnutrition was something that we do not see in this country. It was heart breaking. After spending several days teaching the caregivers about proper formula preparation and intake requirements, I knew that I had to teach the staff a different way of interacting with the babies, in an attempt to help them thrive. The carriers could not have been more appropriate for these staff members. They had little to no time to hold the baby’s and they definitely did not have time to carry them around. Their interactions were primarily with diaper changes and some feedings. The caregivers did, however, love their babies but did not have the time or resources to hold and love on these little ones. On our last day at this orphanage, I presented the staff with the 4 carriers. I was able to show one of the nannies how to put it on and properly use. She was hooked. She found a carrier for the other nanny and our translator. The four of us took turns carrying around the different babies as they awoke and fussed. Everyone was thrilled, especially the babies. A few of the babies were unsure of themselves as they were not accustomed to being held much less carried. We had such a wonderful time loving on these little ones. The director of the orphanage was so grateful for your selfless donation to his little unknown orphanage. He was touched that so many strangers from another country cared about his children. If I accomplished only one thing on this trip, it was to show the orphanage staff that loving these little abandoned babies was essential to their survival, and the donated carriers gave them an opportunity to do just that. They all thanked you. I thank you! Attached are the pictures we took as we were putting on and carrying around the babies. Feel free to use them as you see fit.

Teaching an orphanage nurse how to use the Baby K'tan

Teaching an orphanage caregiver how to use the Baby K’tan

Our second orphanage was a large orphanage in a different province. I have chosen not to reveal the name, or location, of this orphanage due to the conditions we found. This orphanage will eventually house up to 600 children, ranging from newborn on up. It was new to New Horizons for Children, the Boston based organization that I went with. No one had any idea what we would find. Even though this orphanage was in a more affluent part of the country, many of the children were not in good condition. Most of the infants and children were handicapped or gravely ill. As a part of the culture of this orphanage, the nannies and caregivers did not hold the babies. Again there were only 2 caregivers for 12-16 infants. Bottles were propped and baby’s were left to lie in they cribs for several hours at a time. Many had bedsores and demonstrated signs of chronic malnutrition. I spent much of my time assessing the nutritional status of many of the infants and teaching basic infant and nursing care. They had a few nurses on staff, yet their skill levels were much lower that that of any level of nurses in the US. I spent a good deal of time role modeling and teaching things like swaddling, bathing and feeding a small premature infant that they had. I was able to have the caregivers and nurses practice holding babies and comforting them. I wished I had had more carriers for this site, but I’m not sure they would have been as receptive to the concept at that time, due to the severe conditions we found and the multiple problems that we had to address. Since our departure, the orphanage  director has requested that our team return and assist them in additional changes that are needed. As a result, part of the team is returning to this orphanage later this month. I will not be accompanying them this time. The director of the China program at Wide Horizons, would like to bring a few carriers with her and teach the staff how to use them. Most of the infants that we encountered are not adoptable, which is one of the services provided by this agency. Consequently, these infants and children will spend most of their lives lying in a crib or a bed. Anything that I can do to alter that for even one child, I would like to do. I would like to request a few more used carriers, if they are available. If not, what would be the cost to purchase 2 such carriers. I would like to send them off to the director asap. The director believes that the staff is ready to learn how to hold and bond with these infants. Please consider this matter. Thank you so very much for what you did for us and a few abandoned baby’s in China. The attached pictures have been cleared for you to use on Facebook or in what ever capacity that you choose. Please let me know if there is anything else that you might need.”

Sincerely, Cindy Baker-fox, RN, BSN, IBCLC

China Orphanage

Baby K’tan Partners with Operation Shower

Baby K’tan, LLC partners with Operation Shower for Baby Shower Honoring Military Families.

Expectant military moms were celebrated with the baby shower they deserve over the weekend in Doral, FL hosted by Operation Shower, a non-profit organization that recognizes and honors the unseen sacrifices of military families by producing and coordinating baby showers for expecting military personnel and their families.

On Sunday, 25 new and expecting military moms each received a Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and other baby gifts donated by local and national organizations as part of Operation Shower’s “Birds of a Feather” Baby Shower during The World Golf Championships at the Trump National Doral.

“It was our honor to be the exclusive carrier provider for these families – our neighbors here in South Florida,” says Michal Chesal, president of Baby K’tan, LLC. “We are thankful for the opportunity to show our support and appreciation for the military families and the sacrifices and contributions they make every day to proudly serve our country.”

Since being founded in 2007, Operation Shower has honored more than 2500 military families and hosted over 50 showers for all branches on the military including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard.

“Baby K’tan, LLC has partnered with Operation Shower for over 4 years and we are honored to be part of such a worthy cause,” says Chesal.

About Baby K’tan

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier was developed by two Florida families, each raising a child with special needs. One family has a child with Down syndrome and the other has a child who required heart surgery when he was four weeks old. The parents were inspired to create Baby K’tan when they could not find an existing baby carrier that suited their babies’ needs.

The Baby K’tan team proudly devotes a percentage of its proceeds to the American Heart Association and the National Down Syndrome Society. The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and accessories are available online and in retail locations across the US and internationally. Find out more at, call 866-YES-KTAN, or e-mail

 Baby K'tan at Operation Shower

5 Things to Consider When Choosing YOUR Perfect Carrier

by Michal Chesal, President of Baby K’tan |

Before I developed the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, I was faced with so few options on the market for baby carriers. Today, the options are almost limitless. With such a wide variety of carriers on the market, including wraps, structured carriers, unstructured or Asian-style carriers such as the Mei Tai, slings and pouches, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

At Baby K’tan, we are dedicated to safe baby wearing and truly believe in the benefits of doing so since our company was founded on those very ideals. In hopes of helping you find the best carrier for you and your baby, we’ve developed a few attributes to consider.

We believe that wearing your baby safely and properly will always have benefits associated with it. Studies show that babies whose mothers’ wear them in slings are calmer and cry less. Carrying your newborn in a carrier can serve as a natural transition from the quiet womb into the world. Being close to your baby has also proven to help them regulate their body temperature, enhance their visual and auditory alertness as well as promote healthy speech development.

One of the first things you will notice about a carrier is the type of material it is made with. Some carriers on the market consist of many different types of fabric including cotton and polyester. Others are 100% cotton. And most recently, many carrier brands are offering organic versions of their carriers. When looking at the material, you should consider your geographical location. In cooler climates, you may want a carrier with a softer, warm fabric like thick cotton, whereas in hotter weather, you may want to choose a carrier that is lightweight and made with thinner layers of fabric such as mesh or gauze.

Easy to Use
Buying a carrier that you will enjoy using is a vital part of wearing your baby. The truth is, if you purchase a carrier that you won’t take the time to figure out, you will end up storing it in your coat closet. Many retail locations have a carrier expert that can show you how to use the carrier before you purchase it. Some online retailers like also feature Instruction videos as well as Consumer Review Videos on their website to help give you the low-down from a real parent’s perspective. It is always important to read through the entire instruction manual to be sure you are using your carrier safely. Remember, it may take a few tries until you are able to get your carrier on without looking in a mirror!

There are so many different types of carriers on the market today including structured carriers, backpacks, slings, wraps, Mei Tai style carriers and even “ready-to-wear” wraps. When choosing a baby carrier, you should consider when and where you will be using it to care for your little one. For example, if you live in a city where you do a lot of walking, you will want a carrier that is lightweight, comfortable and can fold up easily for quick storage. Or, if you will use your carrier mainly for running errands, you will want to make sure that the carrier you choose will be easy to pop on in the parking lot. If you are hiking or doing a lot of outdoors activities and your baby is a bit older, a framed backpack might be a good choice for you.

Newborn babies have very different characteristics and needs than those of 9 month olds. When choosing a carrier, consider the changes that your baby will go through during the primary baby wearing stages. At first, your baby will want to be close and tight to you. They might enjoy being swaddled on your body in a wrap style carrier. Then, when he or she is a little older, they may want to stretch their arms and see the world! Try to choose a carrier that will grow with you and your baby. A carrier that has multiple wearing positions will allow you to choose the best position based on the age of your baby.

As you explore the many options available for baby carriers, these tips will help you find the right carrier for you and your baby. Remember, not every carrier is right for everyone. Consider your needs and expectations for wearing your baby and consult experts at your local retailer as well as online to help you make your decision. Your local baby wearing group may also have a lending library that will allow you to try out a few different carriers before you buy your own. Also, be sure to check the store or retailer’s return policy.

These tips should get you on your way to safe and healthy babywearing with your precious baby.


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Is Babywearing Right For You?

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This week is international babywearing week, and we are loving every minute of it! Although it is already Friday, and the week is nearing its end, we still have plenty of babywearing talk left in us :) . We wanted to point out a few of the great benefits of babywearing and remind parents (mom and dad alike) why their little babes just love to be cuddled so close!

Check out these awesome babywearing facts:

babywearing promotes healthy mental and physically development
Wearing your child in a wrap, sling or carrier will result in beneficial, permanent brain changes, enhancing baby’s IQ, in addition to long term benefits of good health, psychological security and independence

carried babies cry less
Research shows that babies who are carried (either in parents’ arms or in a wrap or carrier) cry LESS. In cultures where babies are carried almost continuously, babies cry much less than those in non-carrying cultures.

babywearing helps you bond with your baby
Babies who are worn in a baby carrier, sling or wrap are significantly more likely to demonstrate a strong and secure attachment to their mothers, according to a study done at Columbia University. Babies who are not held need more verbal interaction and eye contact, just to be reassured that you’re there. Carrying your baby is a great way to connect with him or her (and provide stimulation too). Additionally, your baby is “right there” to enjoy whenever you feel like snuggling or kissing!

babywearing enables caregiver to have hands free
Babywearing enables caregivers to to keep baby close and safe while still having both hands free. Caregivers have the freedom to care for other children and tend to everyday tasks while carrying their baby close to their heart.

babywearing helps prevent “flat-head” syndrome
Studies have shown that nearly 1 in 2 babies in North America will suffer from positional plagiocephaly, or “flat head syndrome” (6). This is believed to be the result of over-using devices such as car seats, swings and bouncy seats, as well as the “Back to Sleep” program which was implemented in the early 90′s. By regularly carrying your baby in a baby carrier, wrap or sling you will avoid the constant pressure that is placed on the back of your baby’s head in these devices, and you will be promoting a healthy and natural head development!

babywearing counts as tummy-time!
Tummy-time is important for your baby’s physical as well as emotional and intellectual development. It helps them learn to hold their head up, grasp at items to help develop motor skills, and observe the world around them (9). But you may have noticed that even though it’s good for your baby, he may not be a huge fan of tummy-time. It’s a serious workout! Wearing your baby in the Baby K’tan or other carriers and wraps will allow your baby to exercise his neck, head and back muscles. You can also hang a small toy from the side of the carrier to help your little one develop his motor skills. But best of all, you’ll find that your baby gets this “babywearing tummy-time” regularly, and you don’t have to schedule it into your day!

In honor of this week, we have donated a whole bunch of Baby K’tan Baby Carriers for giveaways throughout the country! Be sure to take part and don’t miss your chance to win! Here are a few giveaways:

Baby K’tan was also featured along with a whole bunch of other awesome carriers, wraps and slings in this month’s issue of Green Child Magazine! Read it here.

And to end with something furn for you to do, take this Babywearing Quiz, created by our friends over at Onya Baby and published in this month’s Green Child Magazine:
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